We are delighted to announce that we are now working with local law firm Hansells Solicitors & Financial Advisors (Hansells).


We have been appointed by Hansells to help them drive their business forward. Working with the law firm for the next year, 8RC will be focusing on the culture of the Hansells business and particularly their soft skills.


Hansells, have a strong belief in community values and feel that they will benefit from new skills and ideas that can bring them closer to their clients.


Roger Holden of Hansells said: “We are pleased to have 8RC on board to help us take a fresh look at our business. It is always important to get a different viewpoint and Stephen and his team have the in-depth knowledge and experience to make a real difference here at Hansells. We continually strive to improve our service to our clients. We are passionate about being a firm that people want to work for and people want to work with time and time again.”


We have worked within the retail industry for three decades, however, recently, we’ve branched out to business consulting and have worked with many businesses across Norfolk.


Our CEO Stephen Balmer-Walters said: “We are thrilled to be working with Hansells on a permanent basis. We are so proud to be working with such a notable and established Norfolk business, helping them review the culture of their business. We work with many local businesses, helping them be better tomorrow than they are today. Using our business model of ‘the 8Ps’ and working to harmonise their team through our business mentoring and consulting programme, we hope to catapult their business forward.”


The 8Ps, or otherwise known as the 8 pillars, are the eight key areas that we believe businesses need to have right in order to succeed.


With a hands-on approach we will work with Hansells’ Staff Consultative Committee helping the committee formulate its ideas, whilst ensuring it becomes more representative of the views of the whole firm.


Founded in 1827 in Norwich’s historic Close, Hansells are committed to providing their customers with exceptional and affordable legal and financial and wealth management advice.


For information on how we could help your business with its soft skills, click here.