Our Company Values

Fresh ideas require creative thinking

At 8 Retail Consulting we want to help your business focus on eight key areas we believe, based on previous experience and outcomes, will help you increase profit. Every business can benefit from a new perspective and that is what 8 Retail Consulting aims to deliver, by providing support with new ideas and new ways of doing things. We are passionate about what we do with a hands-on approach.

A Little Of Our Story

Why 8 Retail Consulting?

We are always looking at new ways to be relevent and give back a return on your investment. Quality of service is critical to us and we want to work with you and your business in a collective manner in a way that adds value. Over the last thirty years, we have worked with and for some great businesses and brands.

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Focusing on 8 Key areas of the business to make it a success

The 8 Ps