Activewear retail consultancy for brands

It’s hard to make an activewear business stand out, even when your products are second to none. Not only are you facing the competition of other similar companies, but also the growing sportswear ranges from the UK’s major retailers. In order for your label to make its mark, you need to devise and apply the right retail plan for your brand’s needs.

8RC has over 30 years’ experience advising activewear brands and helping them grow. Using our expertise, we form a strategy unique to your business to ensure its needs are met. Our experience means that we know exactly what is needed to develop activewear businesses at scale.

8RC can provide everything required to optimise your activewear company, from innovative visual merchandising and brand development to the logistical improvement of your buying procedures.

Our Success

We’ve had a lot of success stories. Our collaboration with Premier league and Championship league Football Club, Norwich City, is just one of them. We worked to redesign and relaunch the team’s kit, developing a strategy which had the activewear of the players at its centre. We worked closely with the brand, making sure everything we did reflected the company’s image, the result of this being that their profit gains from kit sales trebled.

Our passion for the activewear sector teamed with our extensive knowledge means that we are able to help you gain the upper hand over your competition. Our team will help you create strategies to boost the success of your activewear brand in the ever competitive retail market.

If you want to see your activewear business grow and succeed, get in touch today to find out how 8RC can help.