23rd January 2020

Why It’s Important to Take a People-Centric Approach in Retail

Retail is as competitive as ever. Brands, national and international alike, are looking for innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and achieve their targets. Aside from new, high-cost…
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13th January 2020

Will E-Commerce Spell the End of Visual Merchandising?

With stores on the high street in decline, more and more businesses are focussing on visual merchandising (VM) to try to get customers into their stores. However, even with this…
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7 Tools To Make Your Team Feel More Empowered | 8RC
5th November 2019

7 Tools To Make Your Team Feel More Empowered

The people who work for your business have a huge role in determining success. Both on a large scale and day-to-day. People is one of 8RC’s eight pillars of business.…
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