11th February 2019

What to Look Out For in 2019 in E-Commerce

The growth of e-commerce is viewed by many as positive. This is due to the ease of making a payment for a product or service from the comfort of your…
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20th August 2018

Presentation – How it Can Increase Your Sales

Presentation is a really interesting subject for me. At the weekend I did something that I haven’t done at all in my life. I actually visited a car boot sale.…
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28th June 2018

Invest in Your People to Drive Sales

Most retailers will agree that employees need certain customer service skills in order to drive sales and be successful. For example, most retailers will agree that patience, attentiveness, positive body…
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10th October 2017

Five Ways You Can Turn Customers into Loyal Followers

The loyalty of Apple customers is legendary. You’ve seen them lining up outside the stores just to be first to own the latest iPhone. Many will probably be scouring the…
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10th October 2017

Business tips – Leaders Week Sport Business Summit

I had a wonderful time at the Leaders Week Sport Summit in early October (2017). It’s difficult to pick the highlights from a packed schedule of inspiring presentations. All held…
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