Professional Retail Consultancy for Your Clothing Company

Fashion and clothing is a particularly saturated sector in the UK, making it harder than ever for new and emerging brands to make their mark against the competition. In an industry as fast-moving as fashion, there’s real pressure on brands to be adaptable and continually grow in light of emerging trends.

Often, the difficulty is in knowing where to start, or how to pinpoint precise areas for improvement. If your business is falling short of expectations, trust the clothing retail consultancy team at 8RC to develop a bespoke strategy that catapults your brand to the next level of success.

We’ll bring our fresh and innovative approach to your brand, helping to develop solutions that improve its reputation, increase awareness and drive sales. We’ve worked with a number of leading clothing brands, helping to discover what it is that makes their brand different and build upon existing growth towards long-term success.

A proven record of success

One example of our success is our work with extreme sports brand Route One. We collaborated closely with the team to develop a strategy that focused heavily on clothing and accessories without diluting the brand’s identity. Our help enabled the group to grow seven-fold, opening 20 new stores and undergoing a complete rebrand to become one of the most recognisable clothing retailers within the extreme sports community.

Our passion for the sector and commitment to helping retailers thrive in this difficult economy gives us the edge over competition. Together, we can develop innovative strategies that promise to bolster the success of your clothing brand.