Content Creation

Brand awareness doesn’t happen by itself. It has to be built using tools and materials that reflect your retail company’s unique style and personality. Content is the means through which your brand becomes visible to your target audience.

Creating stunning content that drives increased engagement and performance can be easy and cost-effective for brands of any size. It’s often also less intrusive than other forms of promoting awareness of your company—readers or viewers may not even know they’re being advertised to!

The digital world has opened up a whole realm of new possibilities for businesses to access their target customer base, but great content marketing for retail brands is the difference between what works and what doesn’t. 8RC are a retail consultancy experienced in content marketing for retail companies and can help make brand awareness a reality for any retailer.

Content marketing retail sector

8RC can produce a wide variety of content marketing materials for the retail sector, including video, photography, brochures, website copy, flyers, case studies, newsletters, blogs and PR. Everything we do is done in consultation with our clients and geared towards increasing engagement with their target audience.

Over three decades of experience as a specialist retail consultancy, we’ve developed exceptional working relationships with local, regional and national press in the UK. We can write engaging press releases and find the right people to turn them into press coverage, ensuring that word gets out about the retail brands we work with and their products.