Putting on an event in your store or prominently featuring your online brand in partnership with a venue’s convention or conference is perhaps the most visible way of promoting your products. Events are fun, theatrical and give you a defined period of time in which you’re guaranteed to stand out above your competitors.

However, retail events management is not a beginner’s game and hitting the wrong notes can be as detrimental to your brand as hitting the right ones is beneficial. Whatever you do, don’t venture into planning your first retail event empty-handed.

Bringing a retail events management specialist on board can not only make the process more hassle-free, but give you peace of mind that it’s all going to go off without a hitch and result in tangible gains for your business. 8RC are experts in retail events managements and can help plan your next brand launch, merchandising event or VIP showcase.

Our retail events management services

If you want to put on an event and aren’t sure where to start, 8RC can oversee the retail events management process for you, allowing you to focus on your own area of expertise. We can hire the venue, arrange the guestlist, book the food and drink and secure a sponsor on your behalf. All of our retail events management services are done in consultation and cooperation with you, ensuring that everything we do is in keeping with your unique brand.

We have over three decades’ experience in the retail sector and can help plan an event that attracts your target audience, boosts brand awareness and generates measurable results for your retail company.