Retail consultancy for fitness brands

With the exponential growth of the fitness industry in recent years, it’s tough to be both distinguishable and successful. From mobile personal trainers to online fitness guides, whatever you can think of, someone in the fitness industry has already done it. Due to this, fitness companies need to think up new ways of promoting their brand. This is where 8RC comes in. 8RC is a highly professional, reliable fitness consultancy with over 30 years of experience in delivering results.

The expertise at 8RC means we are able to develop powerful strategies for your business to thrive in the demanding fitness industry. Combining strong pillars with creativity and a custom approach, we create unique business plans with one simple end goal—more profit. We cover everything from your promotion techniques to the merchandising of your products and services, all coming together so you can see real, measurable results.

Our Success

No matter what the size of your fitness company, 8RC can help you to set out realistic goals for the future of your brand. Whether you want to increase your social media presence or boost your profit margins, we can work collaboratively to insure that these targets are met. If this sounds like the sort of optimisation you want for your fitness business, take a read through our case studies, which exemplify how working with 8RC can impact business development.

If you like the look of what we do, and want to know more about how we can enhance your fitness business, why not get in touch with 8RC today.