Food & Drink Retail Consultancy

Renewed interest and higher customer expectations are creating growth in the UK food and drink industry, creating new opportunities for established producers, budding restaurants and more. The market is expected to grow by an impressive 14.8% by 2023 to £28.2 billion as new concepts such as street food and a return to buying locally take over.

Food and drink companies come in every shape and size. From household name brands and restaurant chains to local farmers and butchers. There is room for everyone to carve out their niche, but this isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do in practice. After all, what makes one wine producer or café better than another? Many food and drink sector business don’t have the resources or experience required to take their operation to the next level, whether they want to start selling to a large multiple or grow their brand independently.

This is the experience that 8RC can bring to the equation. We are an experienced consultancy that has developed a methodology for building business success in any industry and our approach has already borne fruit for several food and drink sector companies.

Bring out the best in you

The potential of 8RC’s methodology—which we call the 8 Pillars—isn’t restricted to a particular size or type of food and drink business. We’ve worked with local brands, including two butchers in the Eastern region as well as a Norfolk eatery, and nationally recognised retail brands.

Our intention isn’t to make your brand like everyone else’s. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The 8 Pillars are built around the target end user, and we do everything in our power to identify and highlight what you can offer them that nobody else is currently in the market.