The market for homeware is one of the retail industry’s most exciting, with an ever-evolving consumer base. As Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram have given rise to a booming millennial interest in homeware, brands in this sector are faced with the challenge of attracting a young, hip and fresh clientele without losing the loyalty of their core customer base, which is typically a more mature homeowner.

On top of this, homeware retailers are increasingly having to compete with mammoth fashion brands diversifying away from clothing to offer homeware that caters to this upcoming youth demand. To retain their fair share of the market they should be dominating in, homeware brands need to be cleverer and more informed than ever.

This is where 8RC comes in. We are a homeware retail consultancy committed to helping homeware brands hang on to their core customers while expanding to tap in to newly-interested demographics, such as the millennial market.

Measurable homeware retail consultancy services

8RC relishes the challenges that come with working in collaboration with an ambitious homeware retailer. We offer a range of services to help unlock higher rates of business growth, such as brand strategy, social media management, supply chain consultancy and content creation. Everything we offer is conducted in consultation with our clients to ensure that the results are in keeping with their company’s unique personality and style.

We have over three decades of experience helping retail clients reach higher in their growth plans and use this expertise to deliver measurable, tangible results for exciting brands in the homeware sector.