Presentation is a really interesting subject for me. At the weekend I did something that I haven’t done at all in my life. I actually visited a car boot sale. It was just amazing. You’ve got about 150 cars, with people trying to sell bits that they don’t want.

The stalls that really stood out were the ones that merchandised their products in a way that was interesting to the eye. How they laid things out in a way that made you want to ask them questions about a particular product. It all lends itself really to a different way you can present your products to tap into people’s emotions.


There and then it really dawned on me. It took me back to the early days of my career. I worked in the footwear business for a brand called Saxone. We had a product that we had to sell. As we were in the middle of the season, we couldn’t go and fill the stores with lots of new product. So, we had to find a way to make our stores look more appealing in order to sell more product.

Now, as the Saxone logo was a lion, we set up a bit of a task force called ‘The Lion Strikes Back’. On a very low-key level, we decided to do miniature refits without bringing the builders in. We changed the display stands, the publicity, and the way the stores looked in terms of layout. Most importantly, we changed the mindset of the team.

Now, what was quite interesting, was for that particular period we increased the sales by 20 per cent! And we kept the products the same! The only thing that changed was the presentation aspect. We tapped into the consumer’s emotions by changing the look and feel of the stores, the point of sale and the windows. We made our customers feel more interested in that shopping experience, by making the stores more appealing.

To Price, or Not to Price?

I know there has always been this debate in some shopping environments on whether you should price things. If you don’t price things, you give people a reason to pick up the item and talk to you about it. However, there is the other rule of thumb, whereby if you don’t price things and it’s very busy, you might lose the sale.

What we can all agree on, whether it’s right to price or not, is that if you make your products and your store look interesting enough, you will have a better chance of selling. By changing the layout and making your windows pop out and be vibrant, you have a better opportunity at engaging with the customer.

Enticing Customers to Enter Your Stores

You can’t sell something if the customer isn’t there in the first place though. The way you get them there is through the right presentation. As mentioned above, you can do this with bright colourful windows that are well-laid out and well-themed, backed up with strong messages as they enter the store.

Let’s face it, your window display is the first impression your customer gets of your store, so make sure it’s eye-catching and visually interesting.

Create an amphitheatre-effect, with products merchandised high and low. Create the right flow. Stop customers with point of sale that catches their eye. If you do this, you will boost engagement of your products and customers will want to purchase in your stores. Research from Russell R. Mueller actually suggests that displays can increase sales by 540 per cent! (

It is incredible how you can change a business’ sales with the same products, by changing the way the products are laid out and presented to the consumer. Presentation really is magnificent.

I’d love to hear what you do in your stores to present your products in the most appealing way! Get in touch here.

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