Professional Consultancy for Your Legal or Finance Business

Solicitors, accountants and financial plannings largely rely on word of mouth to set themselves apart from their competitors. But what if you could do more? The importance of soft skills is routinely underestimated by the legal and finance sector. 8RC provides industry-proven legal and finance consultancy services based on decades of experience.

Experience you can count on

8RC’s team has been working with businesses of all kinds for more than thirty years. From this experience, we have developed a robust methodology that can transform the potential of legal and finance-sector companies.

Many solicitors and financial services firms have long histories and traditions behind them. This is a core aspect of your business, but one that needs to be adapted to ensure you’re meeting the needs of the modern end user.

Your internal culture directly impacts the quality of your work from the client’s perspective. Improve the culture, improve the service.

We take everything that makes your company special and super-charge it with new elements like customer service training, better communication, presentation and digital strategy. Become a better place to work and a more inviting prospect for your clients all at once with 8RC.

A complete solution, exclusively for you

Collaboration is part of our ethos. We’ll work in partnership with you to determine the best steps forward for your business, all based on our foundational 8 pillars of business, to ensure you see results. From setting achievable key performance indicators to understanding the needs of your customer profile, we can help.

Improving the customer journey to helping your team to understand the service process from their perspective, 8RC hold the complete consultancy solution to grow your brand.