Culture: the key to building great teams | 8RC
7th May 2020

Culture: the key to building great teams

In a retail and commercial career spanning more than 30 years and six sectors (footwear, toys, extreme sports, recruitment, football, music), Stephen Balmer-Walters has learned a lot about building teams.…
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revamping your office space
24th February 2020

Office Space Revamp: How it Can Spark Your Team’s Productivity

Most will agree that the environment you work in can affect your mood, your relationship with work and productivity. In fact, its proven that revamping the office space is a…
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Creating an exceptional company culture | 8RC
18th February 2020

Creating An Exceptional Company Culture

Watch our director Stephen Balmer-Walters in a really insightful interview with Chris Reeve. Chris is the Head of Comms and Business Development at The One Question who are a Norwich…
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Products that actually sell
10th February 2020

How To Choose Products That Will Actually Sell in Retail

You can have all the business acumen in the world, but if you can’t source great products for your customers, your retail empire will struggle to get off the ground.…
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Business Mentoring Callback | 8RC
28th January 2020

How Technology is Innovating the Retail Sector

Retailers are having to deal with a lot. Changing consumer habits, economic uncertainty and increased competition both on and offline. To stay ahead, it’s important to be innovative. 8RC is…
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23rd January 2020

Why It’s Important to Take a People-Centric Approach in Retail

Retail is as competitive as ever. Brands, national and international alike, are looking for innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and achieve their targets. Aside from new, high-cost…
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13th January 2020

Will E-Commerce Spell the End of Visual Merchandising?

With stores on the high street in decline, more and more businesses are focussing on visual merchandising (VM) to try to get customers into their stores. However, even with this…
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7th January 2020

8RC Helps Hansells with Culture and Soft Skills

We are delighted to announce that we are now working with local law firm Hansells Solicitors & Financial Advisors (Hansells).   We have been appointed by Hansells to help them…
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20th December 2019

Why Improving the Relationship Between Employer and Employee Boosts Sales

Businesses are always looking for ways to boost sales and maximise profit. This often results in new marketing strategies and sales tactics. However, there’s one way proven to boost sales…
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13th December 2019

Does Amazon Spell the End of High Street Retail?

Will Amazon end high street retail? According to an article  earlier this year, almost 90% of UK shoppers use Amazon. The online superpower started out almost 20 years ago predominantly selling books.…
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