Retail Consultancy for your Beauty Business

Beauty is big business. New channels, such as social media, are opening up fresh possibilities for beauty-sector companies of any size, from independent practitioners to large cosmetic manufacturers. To ensure you stand out from the competitors, you need a well-informed, innovative strategy in place.

From cosmetic products to treatments and procedures, there's a big scope for the beauty business. In order to find success, you need to identify, understand and fill your niche. That’s where 8RC comes in.

We have more than three decades of experience working with businesses of all kinds to maximise their potential. Using our original industry-proven metholodogy, we fine-tune or overhaul your operating model to ensure the needs of your end user are being catered to at every turn. From product development and branding to advertising and perfecting soft skills, we have the expertise to help your business take the next step.

Showing off your best side

We’ll share your business vision and help you make it a reality. 8RC are creative thinkers, but nothing we do is based on guesswork. By implementing our 8 pillar system, we make sure that every aspect of your operating model is targeted at making your end user happy, which is the most fail-safe way of growing your business.

Our innovative, forward thinking approach ensures you get your brand recognised for all the right reasons.