If you want to immediately catch your audience’s eye, video is the perfect medium. Whether it’s for a television advertisement or content to be shown across your social media platforms, video engages the viewer in a way that written copy or photography simply can’t. Show off your products in use while capturing your target demographic’s imagination.

Retail videography is becoming increasingly popular as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook continue to roll out autoplay features, ensuring your content gets noticed even as people scroll past and maximising your chance of engagement.

Most companies want to give retail videography a chance, but recognise that planning a video shoot isn’t the easiest of tasks. That’s what 8RC are here for. We have the creativity, experience and organisational know-how to create cost-effective retail videography that raises awareness of your brand and produces measurable results for your business.

Our retail videography service

8RC are a retail consultancy with over 30 years’ experience in helping brands attract the right audience for their products. Our retail videography services include the planning and production of your content, all of which is carried out with consideration to your company’s objectives and unique style.

We can take charge of booking a location for the video shoot, sourcing models and arranging hair and makeup. Our videographers have the creative flair required to take your brand to the next level, which combines with our considerable experience of what produces results in the retail industry to produce a truly first-class service.