Businesses are always looking for ways to boost sales and maximise profit. This often results in new marketing strategies and sales tactics. However, there’s one way proven to boost sales that doesn’t require a new game plan: relationships between employers and employees.

In this blog post 8RC explain why focussing on the quality of the relationship between company bosses and their staff can lead to an increase in sales. Advice will be provided on how to foster a relationship with your team.

People, not numbers

Employees are the cogs in the machine when it comes to business. They make the day-to-day decisions that determine whether your brand is a success. No employee likes to be seen as a number. Forming a meaningful relationship on a one-to-one basis is one of the best ways to avoid this from happening.

Take time to ask each of your team about their recent holidays. Learn more about their home life, aspirations and favorite food. Being able to speak to each of your team members on a personal level—not just about work—helps them feel appreciated.

Valued employees are proven to be more engaged at work. Employees recognised as individuals will have more drive to get results. If you’re looking for ways to reach targets, how about starting by asking your employees about their weekend?

Understanding the vision

Are you passionate about your business vision and want your employees to feel the same? No matter how motivated you may be, making your business reach targets isn’t a one man job. You need everyone on board.

Fostering a genuine relationship with your team members will help them understand your goals for the future. It will encourage them to get on board and help reach it.

Colleagues that care

Too often we see a wall between the corporate bosses and the wider workforce. In an attempt to boost sales, this wall can create a road block that has a detrimental effect.

To overcome this, CEOs and senior managers must learn to treat their staff as colleagues, not just workers. Corporate bosses need to connect with their employees if they want the decisions they make in the boardroom to work out in the real world of business.

Employees who feel recognised for their work, achievements and skills are proven to be more productive than those who feel like just another employee. Therefore, showing yourself as a leader who cares about their team and what they do, not just the targets they reach, will go a long way in boosting sales.

If you would like to know more about how businesses can improve the relationships between employers and employees, get in touch with 8RC today.

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