Retail is as competitive as ever. Brands, national and international alike, are looking for innovative ways to stand out from the crowd and achieve their targets. Aside from new, high-cost marketing campaigns, extravagant window displays and unsustainable offers, what can be done to reach these goals? In this blog post, 8RC explain how retailers can stand out, improve their reputation, increase footfall and more, all by taking a people-centric approach.

The power of people

From the employees who keep your retail business running, to the customers who make purchases, people have power. It’s fair to say that without people, your business wouldn’t exist.

As such, it’s vital that retailers take a people-centric approach in every part of what they do. From their staff’s working conditions and pay, to the product type and advertisement targeted at their customers. Everything a business does should be done with the people who work and shop there in mind.


Employees are on the frontline in any retail store. From online customer support to in-store assistants, they’re the face of your brand that has direct contact with the consumer.

As such, taking care of employees should be a top priority. From ensuring happiness and answering their queries, to valuing their opinion and awarding them for their hard work. Placing a focus on your staff isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

The way you treat employees transpires into the quality of their work. It transpires in their interaction with customers and their willingness to go above and beyond for your company. It’s important to take an employee-centric approach in which you value each of your employees for who they are and the great work that they do. If you do you’ll indirectly be creating a better brand culture, as well as an improved experience for those who choose to shop at your store.


Of course, the other people your retail business should keep at its heart are the customers. The people that spend their money in your store are the ones that keep it open. Meeting their needs with excellent service and high quality products that they want to buy is the key to success.

In a time where retail—especially on the high street—is more competitive than ever, being customer-centric is a vital step in reaching your targets. Careful planning to understand who your consumers are and what they want might seem like time better spent promoting offers and researching competitors.  However, having a clear grasp of who your target audience is, is an investment that is proven to get results.

If you would like to know more about how your retail business can take a people-centric approach to boost sales and reach targets, get in touch with 8RC today.